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E Shewings, Radico Khaitan Ltd, and Braithwaite & Co Ltd Join Forces for Menstrual Health Awareness in Rampur

Shewings Rampur

Rampur, February 19, 2024: In an effort to spread awareness about menstrual health and hygiene, Shewings, along with Radico Khaitan Ltd and Braithwaite & Co Ltd, organized a special program at Gurunanak Kanya Inter School, Rampur. The event drew the participation of thousands of women, marking it as a highly successful initiative.

Breaking Barriers, Empowering Women: SheWings Takes Center Stage

Ranger Vinay Tosh Sharma, representing DFO Rajiv Ji, graced the occasion as the chief guest. He delivered an encouraging speech on women empowerment, stressing the importance of breaking taboos surrounding menstrual health. Along with them, the district administration officers were also present, highlighting the significance of the cause. The event kicked off with a warm welcome from the school administration, expressing gratitude to the partners for their efforts. Ranger Vinay Tosh Sharma shared insights on women’s pivotal role in society and the need for collective action to promote menstrual health awareness. Also Read: BAFTA 2024: Deepika Padukone is referred to as “Some Random Girl” by Internet Schools X.

Kamna Dwivedi, Planning Officer at Shewings, conducted an informative session on menstrual health. With the aim to dispel myths and provide accurate information. The engaging presentation style ensured that attendees absorbed crucial knowledge in a straightforward manner. In an attempt to involve the younger audience, a menstrual health quiz was organized, testing their knowledge while educating them on this essential topic. An interactive game added a fun element, making the learning process enjoyable and memorable.

Shewings Rampur

The cultural program that followed showcased the community’s diverse talents. Dance performances, skits, and poetry readings centered around women’s empowerment and menstrual health, reinforcing key messages. The success of the program was evident in the positive energy and enthusiasm of the participants. Women of all ages present in the school actively participated, breaking barriers and openly discussing menstrual health—a topic often avoided. The collaborative efforts of Shewings, Radico Khaitan Ltd, and Braithwaite & Co Ltd succeeded in creating a supportive and educational environment.

Smiles & Change: Rampur Event Champions Women’s Health

The presence of district administration officers underscored the local government’s commitment to prioritize women’s health and empowerment. Signaling a crucial alliance that further enhanced the impact of the initiative. Signalling a collective effort to address challenges faced by women in the community. In his closing remarks, Ranger Vinay Tosh Sharma expressed appreciation for the collaborative efforts and urged everyone to carry the momentum forward. The success of the program was a testament to the community’s readiness to embrace change and prioritize women’s health.

As the event concluded on February 19, 2024. Smiles adorned the faces of the attendees, and the echoes of empowerment lingered in the air. The collaboration between Shewings, Radico Khaitan Ltd, and Braithwaite & Co Ltd in Rampur Gurunanak Kanya Inter School sets a commendable example. For similar initiatives, promoting awareness, education, and empowerment for women across communities.

Author- Anshika Sharma

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