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BAFTA 2024: Deepika Padukone is referred to as “Some Random Girl” by Internet Schools X.

BAFTA 2024: Deepika Padukone
Image Source: ETC Bharat

One worldwide performance at a time, Deepika Padukone is bringing people around to her way of thinking. The actress recently won the BAFTA 2024, where she accepted an award while sporting a shimmering Sabyasachi saree. Her appearance has appealed to a lot of people, at least one of whom was unaware of her identity. A post on X made a disparaging comparison between Deepika’s look and singer Dua Lipa. A photo of Deepika wearing a saree has the message, “Idk who she is but girl ate that look.” “Istg if Dua doesn’t serve like this,” the tweet said. If you’re not familiar with Internet jargon. IDK is short for “I don’t know” and ISTG is an acronym for “I swear to God.” Also Read: Paytm FASTag Recharge Ends After March 15: Learn How to Purchase a New One for Seamless Toll Payments

BAFTA 2024: Deepika Padukone
Image Source: News In shorts

Deepika Padukone Misidentified at BAFTAs, Sparks Fan Defense

The X user reiterated, “Idk who is she,” as replies started naming Deepika Padukone. One commenter said, “Idk but that outfit is everything,” in response to another. “Watching some random girl eat so bad and then there’ll be Dua in a plain black gown.” ‘Random’ struck a chord. “Strange? An offended Indian said, “She’s the biggest IT girl of Bollywood,” and suggested that the actress check out her earlier roles. Regarding Deepika’s accomplishments, there were other remarks.


Despite Deepika Padukone’s growing global recognition, evidenced by presenting at the Oscars. Serving on the Cannes Film Festival jury, and attending the Met Gala on multiple occasions. Many people still struggle to recognize her name. In this case, the foreign press bears the most share of the blame. Getty and other news organisations mistakenly recognised Deepika as model Camila Alves, the actor Matthew McConaughey’s wife.

Instead of wearing a simple black gown like others, Dua Lipa’s choice of a caped red Valentino dress at the BAFTAs led to an offensive portrayal of her in a social media post. After starring alongside Hrithik Roshan in the movie Fighter, Deepika Padukone will next be seen in Kalki 2898 AD opposite Prabhas.

Author- Anshika Sharma

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