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Biggest Protest that took place in Year 2020

By Devanshi Thakkar

1.         CAA AND NRC Protests

People all across the country went on streets to protest against the citizenship amendment act and the national register of citizens. Among these protests, the one that gained prominence was the one in Delhi’s Shaheen bagh that outlasted every other protest and was only stopped due to the pandemic.

2.         The Hathras Protest

The entire nation came together to protest against the brutal gang rape of 19 year old Dalit girl in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. Following the incident, her body was cremated by the police officials in the absence of her family members and people raised theie volume against the injustice. Dalit communities leaders and women right activists protested against the police action, calling it “new low”

3.         Black Lives matter

This protest gained top headlines as a video surfaced of white police officers killing George floyd in public by leaning on his neck. Tens of thousands of people stormed the streets demanding the arrest of cops responsible and the movement started a chain all across the world where people protested against racial discrimination and violence.

4.         The Poland abortion protest

The protest begin after the country’s government banned women from getting abortions.

More than 100,000 people, mostly women marched the streets demanding that the government roll back the draconian law that prohibited them from being masters of their own bodies

5.         Protest in turkey on violence against women

Turkish cities were filled with women from the entire country protesting against the country’s appalling record with violence against women. Istanbul saw women with placards that said: ‘women will not forgive violence ‘, ‘apply the Istanbul convention’ and ‘long live women’s solidarity ‘.

6.         Hong Kong protests in China

Thousands of people were protesting in Hong Kong against a new Chinese law that allows the extradition of people accused of crime against china to stand trial. These protesters have been at it for almost a month now.

7.         The Farmer’s Protests

The farmers protest that still rages on this day is a response to the new farm laws that the central government wants to implement. Farmers believe that if the laws are implemented, it would essentially leave farmers at mercy of  corporation. The protest continue in midst of hash Delhi winter and an ongoing pandemic.

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