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Azam khan apologises for “Nigha mae nigha dalkae dekhta rahu”

Azam khan
Azam khan apologises for “Nigha mae nigha dalkae dekhta rahu”

Samajwadi party lawmaker Azam Khan’s sensual comment to Lok Sabha deputy speaker Rama Devi created a fury in the parliament. Rama Devi says that he has acquired impropriety and parliament is a joke to him, an apology would have been accepted if it was made at that moment.

Rama Devi wants strict action against Azam Khan to set an example for the current generation. She is not willing to accept his apology and parliament does not support this inappropriate language and behaviour. Rama Devi claims that Azam Khan was speaking directly to the MP and when she asked him to address the chair, then also he commented inappropriately and did not even apologize. Rama Devi was addressing the speaker’s chair and disrespect to chair is not acceptable.

Azam Khan says that “Rama Devi is like a sister to him” and his words were mistaken. He claims that if anything was unparliamentary in his words he would resign from the parliament. Akhilesh Yadav supported him but he was criticised by other members of parliament.

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