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Upcoming 5 States Assembly Election Updates

As 5 states goes to polls between November 12 and December 7, last minute campaign is on the upswing in  Chhattisgarh as it goes to polls on November 12 in its Phase I. Chhattisgarh which have a 90 Assembly seats will go for polling in two phases i.e. 12 November and 20 November. The incumbent Raman Singh government of the BJP will be fighting for its 4th term.This will be the 4th Legislative Assembly election in Chhattisgarh since its formation in 2000.

Similarly, in Madhya Pradesh, the incumbent BJP government under Shivraj Singh Chauhan will be fighting for its 4th term.Madhya Pradesh goes to polls on November 28 for its 230 Legislative Assembly seats.

The youngest state, Telangana, will also be going for its 2nd Legislative Assembly election for its 119 seats on December 7.Incumbent Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao of Telangana Rashtriya Samiti (TRS) will be seeking a term.

Rajasthan will also go to polls on December 7 for its 200 seats.Incumbent BJP Chief Minister will be seeking another term.She is the only incumbent woman Chief Minister in the upcoming election and have been holding the post since 2013.

Mizoram will also go to polls on November 28 for its 40 member Legislative Assembly seats.Lal Thanhawla of the INC will be seeking re-election for the 3rd term.

Considered a prelude to the 2019 General Election, the Congress and the BJP will be fighting out tooth and nail. According to a survey conducted by Center For Voting Opinions and Trends in Election Research ( C-Voter), Congress stands a bright chance in regaining power in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and a thumping victory for Congress-TDP alliance in Telangana.C-Voter have predicted simple majority for BJP in Rajasthan and no clear winner in Mizoram.

The Assembly Elections results will be declared on December 11.


These Kids Are On Their Way To The “GOAL”

The Baby League, brainchild of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), is a league format football competition for ages 4 to 13. A pilot league was started in Mumbai and Pune last year. The first Meghalaya edition is being organized by the state’s Football Association, in collaboration with technical partners AIFF and main sponsor, Tata Trusts.

Later this month, Bengaluru is expected to start their version, and talks are on for an Orissa Baby League as well. In the Northeast, Mizoram, also hosts its own, the Young Legends League in Champai— an independent initiative between the Mizoram Football Association and a private organization, not related to the AIFF league.

“It is mandatory for each team to register at least 10% female players,” the hope is to establish a dedicated all-girls league in the future. On Saturday’s game, the senior team (ages 12-13) for JNS Jaguars was dominated by girls.

For Indian football to succeed, a development model that ‘catches them young’ is the only way forward. And in Shillong’s Jawaharlal Nehru Sports Complex, amidst the delightful squeals of children at play, there are some sure signs of genius.

In a call for “independence”, sect of Christians burns Hindu idols, tricolor in Mizoram

In a rare incidence of fanaticism in Mizoram, members of a newly emerging section of Christianity have recently set ablaze a Hindu idol and the tricolour flag of India. And amid escalating threats of communal violence across India, the state’s police covered up the incident to avoid a mass outrage. With the incident taking place on 21st September at Lunglei district of Mizoram, it came to light days after local media reported it after a video depicting the act got circulated on social media.

The Lunglei district’s Superintendent of Police, Kime said, “We took care to keep it secret because we wanted to prevent any flare-up. The incident also has the potential to present the peace-loving Mizo people in a wrong manner.”

In the video which got circulated in social networking sites, a man wearing a white robe was seen shouting slogans against Hinduism and India, while a group of people chorused him. While the group, comprising mostly of teenagers, were wearing traditional Mizo attire, one boy in the video was seen holding a large white cross in his hand.

In an appeal for the support of more number of people, the man wearing the white robe was heard shouting, “We have long been under the Hindus. We have long been under India. Now, we want to declare ourselves independent.”

While the man in the video was seen setting ablaze a Hindu idol, another boy from the group burned the tricolour. According to the police, the man seen in the white robe is identified as Lalrinawma, who self-proclaims himself as a Christian preacher.

“The remaining six persons are young boys aged between 9 to 23. This new sect has emerged only a couple of months ago. The followers and the preachers of this new sect travel around and spread hatred for Hinduism and India,” said Kime.

As reported by Firstpost, sources claimed that such incidence is not the first of its kind in Mizoram. Moreover, proud of their action, the alleged group admitted to their earlier crimes as well. Reportedly, Lalrinawma even tried to bury himself alive, a few months back, with a strong belief that he will get back to life like Jesus did according to the Bible.

“They are fanatics who are in the illusion that they are devoted to the cause of God. He asked the villagers to bury him. But none co-operated with him in fear that they would be prosecuted if the person died. Hindus are a minority in Mizoram. Any attempt to hurt their sentiments will damage the social fabric of the state,” said Kime.

No More Traffic Jams! Mizoram folks has found a really interesting way to reduce traffic jams.

Most of us just sulk our way through the office and the worst part is the crazy traffic jams we find ourselves stuck in.

Being on roads during peak time is frustrating, right? Your car hardly moves and by the time we reach the office, we are mentally frustrated.

Is there any way to end this? Well, the answer is yes.

People in Mizoram are unanimously following this amazing trick to keep away from the traffic blues. Despite the usual rush, cars and bikes move in harmony and do not result in traffic jams.

This viral video first posted on Reddit shows the epic traffic management and coordination amongst people. All four-wheelers take the left side of the road and all two-wheelers occupy the right side.

Most of this happens without any help or intervention from traffic police. You can also see that despite some cars parked on the left side, and even then traffic is moving flawlessly.

Kudos Mizoram, you did a good job and for the rest of the India, try following this working traffic system.