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No Fear No Favour

No More Traffic Jams! Mizoram folks has found a really interesting way to reduce traffic jams.

Most of us just sulk our way through the office and the worst part is the crazy traffic jams we find ourselves stuck in.

Being on roads during peak time is frustrating, right? Your car hardly moves and by the time we reach the office, we are mentally frustrated.

Is there any way to end this? Well, the answer is yes.

People in Mizoram are unanimously following this amazing trick to keep away from the traffic blues. Despite the usual rush, cars and bikes move in harmony and do not result in traffic jams.

This viral video first posted on Reddit shows the epic traffic management and coordination amongst people. All four-wheelers take the left side of the road and all two-wheelers occupy the right side.

Most of this happens without any help or intervention from traffic police. You can also see that despite some cars parked on the left side, and even then traffic is moving flawlessly.

Kudos Mizoram, you did a good job and for the rest of the India, try following this working traffic system.

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