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YouTuber Gaurav Taneja claims threat call made against his four-year-old daughter

By: Divya Thearia

Picture Credit: Internet

July 28, 2022 (New Delhi): Famous YouTuber Gaurav Taneja has been in the headlines for some time now. He was arrested when he reached a metro station in Noida to celebrate his birthday. At the same time, now his four-year-old daughter has been threatened with death. Gaurav Taneja has filed a complaint of threatening the Delhi Police over the phone. YouTuber has shared this information on his Twitter handle.

Picture Credit: Internet

Actually, Gaurav Taneja is quite a famous YouTuber and is known as Flying Beast. Recently, his four-year-old daughter was threatened with death over a phone call. Gaurav Taneja has tagged the Delhi Police and the Ministry of Home Affairs, sharing the copy of the complaint given to the police on his Twitter handle. With this, he wrote, ‘We have received a threat call regarding our four-year-old daughter, whose complaint has been lodged with the police.’

Earlier on July 9, Gaurav Taneja had reached Noida’s metro station to celebrate his birthday. His wife had organized a surprise birthday party, after which there was a huge crowd and a stampede broke out. In such a situation, the metro employees and passengers had to face trouble, after which Gaurav was arrested. However, he soon got bail too.

Picture Credit: Internet

Let us tell you that Gaurav Taneja has an account on social media named Flying Beast and he also has a lot of fan following on Instagram. Apart from this, millions of people follow him on YouTube as well. Gaurav Taneja has three YouTube channels, ‘Flying Beast’, ‘Fit Muscle TV’ and ‘Rasbhari Ke Papa’. At the same time, Gaurav and his wife were also seen in Star Plus show ‘Smart Jodi’.

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