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You Won’t Use Mobile Phone While Driving After Watching This Video

“Buzz, Buzz…. Buzz, Buzz” Your mobile vibrates while driving and you reach out to check, maybe, a mail, or a good morning message from your loved one or maybe some not so important notification which can be looked onto after you reach your destination. But you overlooked the safety, and went on with your work thinking “I can handle that, what’s a big deal in that? I have been doing it every day” You confidently pick up the phone, and started to check that notification which is making your state of mind uneasy. Little did you know, it would be your last notification that you will be checking. Seconds after, you became the news headlines.

Yes, using your mobile phone while driving may lead you to a place of no return. This video shows the drastic result of using your phone while driving.

Also, while unveiling the 2015 report on road accidents, Union road transport minister Nitin Gadkari said that accidents are killing more people in India than terrorism or natural disasters. The data shows that Indian roads see 1,374 accidents and 400 deaths every day, which translates into 57 accidents and 17 deaths on an average every hour.

So, we request our readers to STOP USING your MOBILE while DRIVING. As it is dangerous to you, and to others as well.

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