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Yogi’s Development Agenda For Uttar Pradesh Pushed Back By His Own Ministers. Captured Napping In The Assembly

BJP came to power in Uttar Pradesh with a huge mandate because of the issue they raised during the election campaign. And Yogi’s fast track action towards fulfilling the manifesto of BJP in the state also paved the way for their image to an extent where the people started to believe that BJP has put a strong foundation for UP’s development amidst Yogi’s hardline image of ‘Hindutva’. But today’s images from Uttar Pradesh cabinet meet narrate a totally different story.


During CM Yogi Adityanath’s first speech in the Assembly of Uttar Pradesh, many of the ‘people’s representative’ were found seeing sleeping in the Assembly. The photos, which were taken by The Indian Express photographer Vishal Srivastav, captured sleeping ministers of the state while Yogi Adityanath was busy giving a speech. See the picture here:








Photo Courtsey: The Indian Express

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