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Yamuna River Exceeds Critical Level in Delhi; IMD Releases ‘Orange’ Alert for Today

Delhi CM Kejriwal Announces Evacuation Plans as Yamuna River Water Level Approaches 206-Meter Mark

Yamuna River Water Level in Delhi Nears Danger Mark as it Reaches 204.50 Metres, IMD Issues Alert

Yamuna River Water Level Crosses Danger Mark, IMD Issues ‘Orange Alert’ in Delhi

In the wake of continuous heavy rainfall over the past few days, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an ‘orange alert’ for Delhi. The alert comes as the water level of the Yamuna River surged above the danger mark. According to the Central Water Commission, the river’s water level reached 206.24 meters, slightly surpassing the critical threshold of 205.33 meters. The situation has prompted authorities to take necessary precautions and closely monitor the situation.

Yamuna Water Level Exceeds Danger Mark; Rail Traffic Suspended on Old Bridge

The water level of the Yamuna River reached 206.04 mm on Monday night, surpassing the high flood level of 207.49 meters, according to officials.

In response, railway authorities have temporarily halted all train traffic on the old Yamuna bridge in the capital city.

Evacuation of Thousands of People Expected With the Yamuna River breaching the danger mark, authorities anticipate the evacuation of thousands of individuals. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated, “Once the river surpasses the 206-meter mark, we will commence evacuating residents in low-lying areas along the Yamuna River.” He also mentioned that the Delhi government is fully prepared for any emergencies, although weather forecasts indicate a gradual decrease in rainfall intensity.

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Yamuna Water Level Continues to Rise Due to Increased Water Release from Hathnikund Barrage

In addition to persistent rainfall, the rising water level in the Yamuna River is primarily attributed to Haryana’s decision to release more water from the Hathnikund barrage. This action was taken in response to heavy rainfall throughout northwest India. According to the Flood Control Department, as reported by ANI, approximately 215,677 cusecs of water were discharged through the Hathnikund barrage at 3 pm on Monday.

Schools Forced to Close in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Due to Heavy Rains

In response to the continuous downpour and warnings issued by the Meteorological Department, schools in Delhi and neighboring Uttar Pradesh have been compelled to shut down. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced the decision, citing the torrential rains that have been battering the region for the past two days.

Schools in Delhi Shut Down Due to Continuous Rainfall; IMD Forecasts Six More Days of Rain in Delhi-NCR

In light of the relentless rainfall, the education department of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has issued an order mandating the closure of all MCD-run, aided, or recognized schools on July 11. Meanwhile, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted six additional days of rainfall in the Delhi-NCR region. Although the IMD anticipates a reduction in the intensity of the rains, heavy downpours in recent days have led to flooding and disruptions to normal life.

Yamuna River Breaches Evacuation Level, Prompting Relocation of Nearly 7,500 People in Delhi

As the water levels of the Yamuna River continue to rise, authorities in Delhi have evacuated and relocated approximately 7,500 individuals from the river’s floodplains to makeshift camps situated on higher ground across six districts of the city. The current water level at the Old Railway Bridge has reached 206.34 meters, surpassing the danger level of 205.33 meters. The rising water levels prompted the Delhi government to take immediate action, with many affected individuals setting up their own tents on higher ground to escape the flooding.

The water discharge from the Hathni Kund barrage in Haryana is expected to further increase the water level, with around 344,035 cusecs of water already discharged by Tuesday morning. The district administration has been actively involved in the ongoing evacuation operations, responding to the sudden change in flood forecast.

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To support the evacuated individuals, temporary camps have been established at various locations, including ITO, Kashmere Gate, Akshardham, and the DND Flyway, offering essential supplies, food, and medical assistance. Authorities have also made preparations with 50 boats from the boat club and flood and irrigation department to assist in rescue and relief efforts.

The encroachment of the Yamuna River’s floodplains over the years has exacerbated the situation, as settlers, migrant laborers, and homeless individuals have established dwellings in these vulnerable areas. Efforts are underway to address the challenges posed by the flooding, and the Lieutenant Governor is expected to visit affected sites to assess the situation.

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