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WOW! Rhythmically Dancing Lemurs Captured in Camera

For the first time, amazing photos of Lemurs dancing in rhythms have surfaced and left people in an awe. Simone Sabarigila, a photographer from Italy during his visit to the African island captured beautiful images of Lemurs.

In the photos, these fluffy creatures are seen doing their version of River dance in southern Madagascar. The dance is performed by them while crossing one forest area to another.

Lemurs are small primates which are native to the island of Madagascar and the neighbouring islands of Comoro.

Simone while talking to a newspaper said, “’I made several trips to Madagascar specifically to photograph lemurs. I was especially fascinated by these Sifaka lemurs and their dance”

In the way, they dance in their natural habitat they can give a fierce competition to Michael Flatley, the American dancer famous for his Irish dance shows. The flexibility and rhythms of these creatures while dancing can also be seen in the images.

Simone explained that to take photographs of these creatures were painstaking and it took him two weeks to capture them at the right moment.

He stated that ‘I worked out which times of day the lemurs would cross from the sandy area to the forest, and spent many days waiting to catch them mid-air.’

‘When I looked back at the images I was so pleased to see I’d captured the lemurs in the way I intended.’

By – Parul Kulshrestha

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