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World Ozone Day Ft. SheWings!

Written By: Divya Thearia
Edited by: Vikas Mavi

16 September, 2022: The SheWings Foundation celebrated World Ozone Day on September 16 at Okhla Bird Sanctuary Park in association with the UP Biodiversity Board and UP Forest Department. A special thing about this event was that, despite the rainy weather, guests from different fields, such as cyclists, doctors, and UP state officials, participated in it and made the event successful.

How the event unfolded

The event took place with a cycle ride at 6:15 a.m. with the energetic East Delhi Ryderz starting their ride from the entry point to Okhla Bird Sanctuary. This ride was led by District Forest Officer Shri PK Shrivastava and SheWings Founder, Mr. Madan Mohit Bhardwaj.

After this energetic and enthusiastic cycle ride, the discussion panel started at 7:15 a.m. with all the cyclists and guests gathered in the conference hall.

Special guests, including Shri P.K Shrivastava, District Forest officer, famous for his innovative and exemplary work in the forest ministry; Guest of Honour Dr. Ajeet Saxena and Anita Saxena, the doctor couple known for their contribution in the medical field; and Mr. Madan Mohit Bhardwaj, founder  SheWings, were also part of the panel discussion.

After the first part of the panel discussion, another panel discussion took place featuring Dr. Anil Kumar from the Ministry of Culture, Ravinder Kumar from Mother Dairy, and Gurpreet Kaur Sonel, founder of Lanos Yvvas, a sustainable clothing brand.


Gurpreet Kaur Sonel, founder of Lanos Yvvas, was honoured with the best sustainable brand award for making products that can replace plastic products. SheWings also supported their innovative ideas to make the world a better place.

Gurpreet expressed her views on sustainability by saying, “Sustainability is a need of the hour—to be sustainable in every sphere of life, not only in the fashion industry alone.” A sustainable brand looks beyond making a profit and views other values, such as the environmental impact, on which we focus a lot. According to research, which suggests that about 46% of consumers prefer eco-friendly, sustainably made products, so, of course, sustainable fashion is already fast fashion; it’s in demand, it’s trendy, and it’s the first choice of customers as it gives a sense of satisfaction after owning it.

She further added the reference to the holy book Shri Guru Granth Sahib in which Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, “Pavan guru paanee pitaa maataa dharat mahat.” 
(The wind is a teacher, the water is a father, and the earth is a great mother).

As we all know, plants and trees play a very important role in preventing the depletion of the ozone layer, so all the guests and cyclists participated in the plantation ceremony.

Conclusion with a Beautiful Message

Last but not the least, the CPO of SheWings, Mr. Shubhendra Singh Rajawat, concluded the discussion by urging people to come forward and join the initiative, making changes in day-to-day life to reduce the use of appliances that release ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances). He said, “The depletion of the ozone layer is a serious issue and various programs have been launched by the governments of various countries to prevent it. However, steps should be taken at the individual level as well to prevent the depletion of the ozone layer.” This event ended with the distribution of sustainable products from Lanos Yvvas and female hygiene products from SheWings among the participants of the event. Also, Mother Dairy supported these initiatives by providing the guests with refreshments.

Watch the teaser below to get a quick sneak peak into the event!

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