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Woow ! Indian Railways might get Guinness world of Record for their trains getting delayed

These days Indian Railways has been in a good light, Thanks to Suresh Prabhu Indian Railways Minister , where the passenger’s complain are listened faster than the pizza delivery.

On one hand Suresh Prabhu is getting applauded by passengers for his various initiatives taken by him to solve the issues of Indian Railway, but on the other Indian Railway might get their name registered in Guinness world of Records.

Dear readers you might be thinking that’s a good news, but the India Railway wont get registered for the worthwhile cause.

There has been a data revealed by a web portal which shows, there has been a surge of  800 % of trains which were late for more than 15 hours in 2017.

If we talk about 2016 Rajdhani was not late for a single time, Shatabadi was late only for 6 times and Superfast trains were late for 93 times that is nothing new in India.

Instead of minimizing the latecommings train, the train were more delayed in 2017 than 2016 Rajdhani got delayed for 53 times, Shatabdi for 19 times and Superfast for 886 times.

Everyone wants to be better than yesterday, but our Indian Railways are getting substandard than yesterday.

Owing to this, Indian Railways might bag Guinness world of Records on their name

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