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Wonder Woman Breaks The Glass Ceiling, Became DCEU’s Highest Grossing Movie In US.

By any metric, Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman has been a success. The film enjoyed the largest-ever opening weekend for a film directed by a woman. It’s now the highest-grossing live-action film directed by a woman in the world. It got an “A” from Cinemascore viewers and overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics. The profound wave of positivity is particularly striking when compared to other DC Comics Extended Universe sibling films, including Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

And now, less than a month after its theatrical release, Wonder Woman has overtaken the full-release box-office take of Warner Bros.’ other DCEU films in the United States, The Wrap reports. So far, Wonder Woman has earned $330.5 million in domestic release, to Batman v Superman’s previous DCEU record of $330.3 million. Notably, Wonder Woman’s earnings have hit that mark after less than a month in theaters, while it took Batman v Superman 84 days.

In worldwide release numbers, though, it’s worth noting that Batman v Superman still holds the overall earnings record for DCEU movies, and that so far, a considerably higher percentage of the film’s box office take came from international ticket sales than Wonder Woman’s — according to Box Office Mojo (which currently has different domestic totals than The Wrap’s report) Batman v Superman made 62 percent of its money in international release, compared to Wonder Woman’s 50 percent. It’s not clear yet whether that’s due to Wonder Woman getting a much smaller promotional push than Batman v Superman, or getting a smaller international release push, or whether it takes longer for international numbers to come in. But it’ll be interesting to watch the box office race over the long term, and see how the numbers match up after Wonder Woman’s been in a release as long as the other DCEU films.

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