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Women Find Bald Men Unattractive: Former Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad

Why does a woman find a bald man unattractive? Can eyebrows, eyelashes be transplanted? Can hair make a sixty years old bald man just look younger? Some such worthy questions have been raised by the former health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad to a group of doctors. Azad could not resist to share about his early life. His revelation made everyone surprised; he himself requested to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for giving him the health ministry portfolio.

While addressing the “Step By Step Hair Transplantation” book launch of renowned doctor Pradeep Sethi and Arika Bansal, Azad said that he wanted to be a doctor but he couldn’t score good marks. He has a high passion for the medical profession since his childhood. Bald cannot make a person bold from outside. So, his recommendation for this new book is really appreciable in which way he underwent the book “Step By Step Hair Transplantation”.

India Habitat Centre, Tamarind Hall was the great eyewitness of grand assimilation of various specialist doctors. The event attained great success with the speech of honorable chief guest Ghulam Nabi Azad, leader of the Opposition, Rajya Sabha.

This ‘Book launch’ programme was held on 21st September 2017. The book “Step By Step Hair Transplantation” was launched by the chief guest Ghulam Nabi Azad, an Indian politician of the Indian National Congress and was the Minister of Health and Family Welfare. This is a book of twenty chapters by Dr.Pradeep Sethi, Dr.Arika Bansal, Dr.Abhinav Kumar and Dr.Sarita Sanke.

This new book is a new horizon by Dr Pradeep Sethi & Dr Arika Bansal. It has been written for every novice willing medical students who are doing research on hair transplantation. It’s kinda cookbook, a guidance, a good resource that is dealing with the newest and highest technique. The journey of this initiation was started during a short journey of Dr.Pradeep Sethi with Dr.Kabeer who has been eulogized as the source of inspiration behind this new book.

The programme was smoothly followed by lots of speeches by many distinguished doctors. Dr Pradeep Sethi’s speech was really inspiring for every new budding medical student as well as for every general. His journey from Odisha as a medical student and now as a writer of this invention is amazing. He acquires a lot of cooperation from Dr Arika Bansal in this field. The continuous research on that hair transplantation is still going on. Not only it deals with hair, but also it is doing research on eyelashes, eyebrows etc.

In human beauty, hair plays an important role for everyone. Even personality varies man to man because of hair. Former health minister Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad also commented on the same that hair plays an important role in making a man smarter.

Noted medical professional Ashish Juneja hosted the conference.

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