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Women Detained For Carrying A Giant Vagina In Public. What?

What’s the most embarrassing situation you have been into while being in public? Picking the nose out? Your friends calling you with funny names?Or getting caught with a giant plastic vagina’s in public?

 Yes! This is not the first thing you will ever hear every day, but three women could face prison sentence while carrying a giant plastic through the streets of Seville, Spain on a plinth.


The feminist protest, mimicking Easter processions back in May 2014, was against gender discrimination in the workplace, as a part of a national march by a Spanish workers’ union.

 The women, whose group’s name translates to “Brotherhood of the Blessed Rebellious Vagina,” are facing charges after their actions were called a “religious hate crime”.


They’re accused of “crimes against religious sentiment” for parading “a plastic vagina a couple of meters high in the style of the Virgin Mary,” according to court papers, The Local states.

A previous ruling, ruled in favor of the women, has been overturned after an appeal by the Association of Christian Lawyers. A judge said they had deliberately intended to insult the “religious sentiments” of Catholics and mock Easter parades.

The women could face up to 18 months in prison.

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