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Woman who was corona positive gave birth to a baby with antibodies.

By Ishank Katyal

Singapore: Celine Ng- Chan, a woman who contracted Novel Coronavirus in March 2020 while being in pregnancy has now given birth to a baby with antibodies against the deadly virus, offering a new clue as to whether the infection has transferred from mother to child.

However, the baby was born as negative in COVID-19 but with the antibodies, according to the report by Straits Times Newspaper on Sunday.

“My doctor suspects I have transferred my COVID- 19 antibodies to him during my pregnancy,” Celine Ng- Chan told the newspaper.

As per the reports by Strait Times, Ng- Chan was mildly ill from the virus and was discharged from National University Hospital after two and a half weeks. NG- Chan and the hospital did not respond to the request for the comment.

World Health Organisation said that they didn’t knew whether a pregnant woman who is coronavirus positive can transfer the virus to her foetus or baby during pregnancy or delivery.

As of now, the virus was not found in the fluid samples of the baby in the womb or in the breast milk.

However, the medical professionals in China have reported the detection and decline over time of Coronavirus antibodies in babies born to women who are tested positive, according to an article published in October in the journal on Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Doctors from Columbia Irving Medical Center reported in October in JAMA Pediatrics that transmission of the new coronavirus from mothers to the infants is rare.

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