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Woman accuses famous Jain Guru of sexual harassment , perform catwalks without clothes

After Haryana High Court passed judgment on Gurmeet Ram Rahim in a rape case and sentence him to 20 years of imprisonment, another shocking case has surfaced which accuses famous Jain guru Nrimuni Maharaj of molesting and sexually harassing girls in his ashram.

The woman, in his letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and National Commission for Women, had accused Jain Maharaj on serious sexual allegations.

As per the complainant, she spent 10 years of her life in Nrimuni Maharaj’s ashram; which weren’t any less than a nightmare for her.

As per the woman, she was told by the self-styled Jain godman that “one has to give in one’s body and soul to their guru in the name of faith”.

The woman had also accused him of pushing her for sex and to perform catwalks without clothes.

The complainant claims that the accused godman was always surrounded by girls in his ashram, wherein once he assigned the work of luring him, the other one would sing for him, the third one would indulge in fanning. The woman also accuses him of creating misunderstanding between her and her family.

On being questioned about breaking her silence after so many years, the woman replied, “I was told that I am an ant in front of him, who happens to be very powerful. I was afraid that no one would believe me.”

The woman further claimed that she got strength and faith in the judiciary after seeing godman Ram Rahim getting punished for similar reasons.

On the other hand,  Nrimuni Maharaj has refuted to all the charges claimed by the woman saying, “He cannot recall anyone who stayed in his ashram for ten years and thereafter left.”

He further added saying, “The allegations by the woman are false and made up for he is above and beyond worldly pleasures”, calling them as ‘Moh Maya’.

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