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Woah! Drastic changes made in WhatsApp Features. Let’s have a look at the 8 new features coming soon!

The company is currently reportedly working on a host of new features that pertain to usability, privacy, and other things. Read the full story to know about these amazing features: WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world. With billions of users using the apps every day, WhatsApp keeps pushing new features and updates in order to keep things interesting. The company is currently reportedly working on a host of new features that pertain to usability, privacy, and other things. Let’s have a look at these amazing upcoming features of WhatsApp :

  1. Removal of time limit for deleting messages While WhatsApp allows users to delete send messages, currently there is a time limit up to (68 minutes 19 seconds) delete a message but now company is planning to remove the time limit for deleting messages. Hide your ‘last seen’ from other contacts In this new feature WhatsApp allows you to hide your availability from other WhatsApp contacts. Once the feature goes live, you will be able to hide your ‘last seen’ status from only specific contacts and will be able to see last seen status of other contacts. The feature is already available in beta version app and should roll out in coming weeks or months to users.
  2. Instagram reels on WhatsApp WhatsApp to get Instagram reels section is going forward. Thus feature will allow user to watchInstagram reels to the users from messaging app. This could be a part of WhatsApp’s integration plan with other Facebook owned apps.
  3. A multi-device support The ability to use WhatsApp on multiple devices without relying on smartphone connection has been ne of the most requested features for WhatsApp. And this feature is finally coming to all devices. After spotted in several beta-builds the feature has officially rolled out in beta. Now, when you log in to desktop or web client on WhatsApp, you g, you get this option to try this feature in beta. • Amazing Community feature The WhatsApp is working on new community feature that might be rolled out in a near future. The feature would be similar to discord. It is not like group feature which already exists in WhatsApp. The new community feature will give more control to admins as they can create multiple groups in community just like in discord and the messages of the communities would be end to end encrypted. This feature might be officially rolled out in 2022.
  4. WhatsApp logout WhatsApp will replace the ‘Delete Account’ button and support upcoming multi device feature. The option will allow user to log out from their account just like Facebook and other social networking apps. This feature was spotted on beta version of WhatsApp and soon rolled out in iOS and Android versions.
  5. WhatsApp Insurance You will be able to buy insurance WhatsApp in India. The Facebook -owned messaging app is all set to roll out to health insurance and micro-pension products on its messanging platform through its tie-tie-down with its licensed financial services players. Initially, WhatsApp will sell SBI General sachet-health insurance cover and HDFC pension schemes via its platforms.
  6. Read later Read later said to be an improved version of Archived Chats feature on WhatsApp. When a chat is moved to read later than WhatsApp won’t send notification for that chat. WhatsApp users will able to select multiple chats at once to quickly archive them.

Byline- Divya Thearia

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