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No Fear No Favour

Why so hot! These mundas are creating a buzz in Town!

Be it Delhi or Mumbai, our generation next knows exactly how to grab the attention and get famous in their own way. That’s why these all dappers catching the maximum Instagram attention with their killer attitude and debonair looks winning the heart of a large number of people day by day.

Lets us have a quick look at these future promising internet sensations-

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Tonight I am loving u ❤️@karnikabudhiraja

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Muscle man

Mohit Kathuria, a fitness consultant Delhi da munda, is a famous fashion blogger Karnika Budhiraja’s husband whose public display posts are way too famous. Mohit had also worked with fit look magazine and has amazing celebrities friends like Daizy Shah, Vj Anusha etc.

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This is not a PHYSIQUE transformation, this is a LIFE transformation 💎 – Years later, I could still recall the daunting words people would say to me every other day. Vasu, you aren't presentable, you look like a drug addict, you have no charm, you're an absolute road side romeo, and you're never going to do much in life. – I used to ask god 💭 why only me? There are so many children out there who look average and live a good basic life. So, why am I like this? Why all of it is happening with me? Hah, maybe at that time I wasn't mature enough to understand that god had a very strong reason behind it. It's true that some day you'll look back and understand why it all happened the way it did. – I honestly had gone through so many failures and heard people's negative opinions that I had no option but to put my mind, my energy, my every thing in one god damn goal and that was to become the best version of myself ever. People often ask me "how did the strength came to you, where did you get that motivation in your childhood days for this?" You know so many people think strength comes from winning, but that isn't true.. your struggles develop your strength. People, situations, and conditions ignited that fire in me. And that was all I ever needed.. I had the most powerful weapon. Believe it or not guys… once the human soul is on fire, it can do any fucking thing, literally any fucking thing. 🔥 – I have worked immensely hard to be where I am today, but I didn't reach here in days, I didn't reach here in months, I reached here in years. When they were out partying, I was working, when they were out gossiping, I was learning and getting smart, when they were wasting their time sliding in a girl's life just to have some fun (they still didn't get it btw 😂), I was developing a mindset that was needed to be successful. I never lost my focus, I always remained consistent, and left no stone unturned. Of course, it is a very long & tough journey but it's pretty simple, if you want to have "DIFFERENT" in life, then you have to do "DIFFERENT" in life. ✨ #motivationalstory #lifechanging #struggleisreal #believeinyourself #liveyourdreams

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Decide Commit Succeed!

Vasu Mittal a heartthrob from ‘Saddi Delhi’ is an online personal trainer who was bullied for his lean body earlier and later he became the best version of himself by working really hard. He holds the vision and trusts the process and now we can see this amazing transformation.

Jubin Shah a Mumbai-based fashion model has a nose for fashion. This chocolaty boy has a huge fan following and his fashion shoots are way too amazing.

A star popularity is growing day by day. is the world’s largest creative platform. The platform makes it super easy for everyone to make awesome videos and share with friends or to the world and Ayush Mehta is doing the same.

Way to go!

Girls are crazy for this cute Delhi da dimple boy.

Priyank Sharma was Shiamak Davar’s SPB student. His super amazing dance moves and killing smile will surely blow up your mind. Priyank was also working as a fitness instructor with a renowned Gym chain in Delhi and ultimately auditioned for Roadies rising and is still rising. He shared an amazing bond with Rannvijay Singh and Neha Dhupia and now working on few Bollywood projects.



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