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Why? “Royal Enfield” Makes A Rider Hot And Smoky.

Royal Enfield, a name which is there in our history. The name which is heard for ages and will be heard for years and years. The company, which rules the heart of grandpa to grand-kid, every generation since 1901.

Bullet was originally introduced as a 4-stroke single cylinder motorcycle in 1931 with an engine of 239cc. Growing through ages, now “Royal Enfield” produces the variants of massive power like 350 & 500cc, highest in same variant.

Unfortunately, during early 2000’s, the company partially lost its aura in India as the sales graph was going down and down. Reportedly, the reason was the same hereditary designed single model availability in Enfield’s market. Customers were slightly bored/annoyed of this. But,

Royal Enfield has been in trend again, in India. As the brand, came up with some new models of bikes. Specifically, Enfield got back into the race, after Tiger Shroff went using the Royal Enfield Storm 500cc in his launch movie Heropanti. As a result of this, the booking for Royal Enfield Bullet went to a crazy due dates ranging from 6 months to a year in Delhi/NCR. Currently, the average waiting time is 5 months for it.

Classic 350 is the most popular bike of Royal Enfield. Following, the segment competitor like “Electra”.

We all know that bullet in only manufactured in Madras (Chennai) in India. There is a fact, that the fuel tank of every bullet is hand-made & crafted.

Here are few things you MUST know about the sensation.

“Bullet” is the longest production run of Royal Enfield crossing 86 years of continuous production.

Most passion worthy bike of India.

Formerly, It was produced in Redditch in Worceshtershire by Royal Enfield but now it is produced by Royal Enfield Motors at Chennai ,India.

Enfield was actually a bicycle company. And, this is the first quadracycle by Royal Enfield.

“Bullet” got its name from Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield (London).

Most long lasting bike of India.

“Bullet” is the oldest ongoing bike of the world.

Die-hard fan following not only in India but overseas.

Desi , the most desi bike of India.

All its components are Indian made since 1967

Only Motorcycle adopted/used by Indian Army.

Various riding events throughout the year.

Royal Enfield don’t prefer flaunting the fame ( No Advertisements)

Royal Enfield is having the most “Loyal Customer” response ,ever.

Royal Enfield is constantly registering an immense growth rate of 40-50% fro last 3 years.

Most Modified bike of India.

Royal Enfield is sold in 40 countries across globe.

Only Indian brand to offer exciting merchandise of their own.

And, finally, Royal Enfield has surpassed the global leader Harley Davidson’s selling rate.( Harley=2.67 lakhs, RE= 3lakh)

It carries the never changing tagline “Made Like Gun”,The tagline has never been changed, and no hopes for future are visible yet.

First Royal Enfield Motor Cycle was made in 1901.

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