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Why do people misunderstand Biharis ?

Bihar Diwas is celebrated every year on 22 March, marking the formation of the state of Bihar. It was on this day when the British carved out the state from Bengal Presidency in 1912. It is the 13th-largest state in India.

News Leak Centres brings you some miss concepts created by people for the people of Bihar

1.Language – Bhojpuri is not spoken by every Bihari.Yeah, so if you start speaking those Bhojpuri movie dialogues in front of everyone, you will only get that ‘What are you speaking, you alien!’ look.

Fun Fact: Not Bhojpuri but Hindi and Urdu are the official languages of the state. Maithili is one language which is officially recognised by the Government of India. Other languages include Magahi, Bajjika and Angika.


2.Look: Many people of Bihar gets ‘You don’t look like Bihari’ remark many times. And Everyone who chews Tobacco is not from Bihar. Bihar had that Bihari Tail millions of years ago. Now we don’t and hence the confusion. Isn’t it?

3.Accent : Now when I say ‘accent’ you must be imagining Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav in his white kurta speaking in that accent “Ee ka karte ho?”. I don’t speak like that. To be honest, some Biharis don’t have any accent. Sorry to break your bubble.

4.Poor English language: Now everyone in the state of Bihar has poor English language.There are several well-known journalists who are working for English channels and have reached the heights.Now English teacher would be taking a sigh of relief because the blame for poor writing skills goes to an entire state

Some ‘Bihari’ guy I know has an amazing communication skill. Now, he can be the next Slim Shady. Okay, not the ‘Slim Shady’ but somewhere close to him.

5.Poverty: Yes, there is poverty in Bihar. Everybody knows that.

But how many of you know that Bihar was the fastest growing state in terms of Gross Domestic State Product(GDSP) in the year 2014–15.

Bihar’s per capita income has gone up by 40.6 % in the 2014-15.

So, if we have a bad condition now, so Bihar cover up.

Having said that, Bihar has also produced several famous personalities like first President of India Dr Rajendra Prasad, Chanakya and Aryabhatta etc, IAS officers and journalists and much more people who are taking the name of Bihar to new heights

Conclusion: Don’t generalise a group of people (or in this case the people of an ENTIRE state) because of the few celebrities or politicians that you have seen of that state. And this is not only for Bihari’s.

Everyone has an individual identity.

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