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Where Is The Humanity? Drug Paddler Toeing This Punjab Cop On Car’s Bonnet.

 An Assistant Sub-Inspector was dragged on the bonnet of a car by an alleged drug smuggler for about 200 metres when he tried to nab him at Shimalpuri in Punjab, police said on Sunday. And if this is to be believed then a salute to the brave policeman.

The incident took place yesterday when ASI Sanjiv Kumar, posted with Anti-Narcotic Wing of Punjab police, tried to nab the alleged smuggler identified as Sunny Doda.

Though the drug paddler managed to run away this as Sanjiv Kumar was thrown off the car, Punjab police have assured that he will be arrested soon.

This video was captured by a set of CCTV cameras installed in the Shimalpuri Region In Punjab and was uploaded by ANI.

Punjab has become the hub of drugs in India. And to save the Punjabi youth from such dangers we need more officers like Sanjiv Kumar who are willing to risk their lives to nab the miscreants who are supplying drugs and destroying a whole generation.

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