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When You Next Time Fat Sham A Police Man. Remember This!!

Shobha Dey’s tweet trolling the obese policeman, Daulatram Jogawat, irked many on the internet and was successful in bringing the police Health into the limelight. Right after the tweet goes viral; everyone is trolling the police department and their health standards. But, N.L.C. media went into the depth of the issue and managed to find out the factors affecting the health of our saviours.

When N.L.C. spoke to S.P Special Task Force (STF, Noida) Rajeev Narayan Mishra, he said that various camps are organised for the regular health checkup for the police force, which is organised on quarterly and annually. However, no regularity for the health checkup camps was confirmed by him.

S.P (S.T.F) also mentioned that they have directions for a regular drill, or, we can say “Parade”, on a daily basis, but irregular duty schedule is an obstruction in the way of fulfilling the directions. Self-care for health is a basic necessity for the Police department, keeping in mind the abnormal duty hours.

We all are familiar with police patrolling during odd hours, whether it’s summer or winter or rain, we always see a police vehicle round the clock working for us. The odd working hours, and the untimely routine of police had lead to a hormonal disbalance, which is a major factor influencing the obesity in the human being.

When N.L.C spoke with two fitness trainers, Harish Joshi and Abhishek Chaudhary says “Till now, we don’t have any police personnel in our centre for the health fitness.” Adding further, they say, “The irregular routine, abnormal meal timings and an unbalanced diet can lead to obesity.”

“Fat travels in a definitive manner,” He says, “It travels from our stomach to hips and all the way to a whole body.”

Abhishek Chaudhary also mentioned that stress and alcohol are other major factors which can turn us fat, really fat. Both of these factors may lead to hormonal imbalance which ultimately results in fat.

We all are familiar with the working conditions and lifestyle of policemen, so, in such cases, obesity doesn’t really seem to be a big issue.

When we had a word with Ram Mohan Sharma (R.I. Aligarh), he says, “Our government organises training camps for all the working policemen.” He further says, “Camps are regularly organised on annual basis. Policemen are sent to such camps for physical training, but what can be done with such working hours and stressful working environment.”

Adding further, he says, “A sound mind and sound body compliments each other. A stressful mind can’t suggest sound ideas, and hence can’t contrast a sound body.” How can policemen get a time for exercise in such a pressure job combined with high working time?” He questions

When N.L.C. went through the facts, we find out some astonishing figures. India can grant only 119 policemen to every 1lakh citizens of it. This is clearly an alarming figure, and our government should take care of. This list was topped by the United Kingdom, where they grant 1,754 policemen for 1lak citizens.

Maybe, these figures are enough for us to state the stress level of policemen. Their duty hours are impossible, resisting them to lead a healthy life.

So, from now on we should definitely keep in mind the pressure, stress and working condition of police department before trolling them.

BY: Shubham Sharma

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