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When PM Narendra Modi paused his speech to pay respect for Azaan

Undoubtedly PM Narenda Modi is one of the best orator in the world.Owing to his oratory skills PM Narendra Modi has huge fan following

From past one week, there has been a debate going on over a Azaan played on loudspeaker after Sonu Nigam tweeted on his social media.

Recently there has been a video gone viral, where PM Narendra Modi heard the sound of Azaan, he stopped his speech immediately and waited for it to complete. People asked him to continue, but Modi asked them to wait patiently.

On one side PM Narenda Modi is considered as one of the top Hindu leader, but after watching this incident it shows PM Narendra Modi has respect for other religions as well.

He resumed his speech only when the Azaan got over. The PM further added that the speech shouldn’t act as a hindrance to someone’s “Pooja-Paath”.

This video has been circulated after everyone is busy blaming Sonu Nigam for his insulting posts against “Azaan”,

This speech was  made year during West Bengal Assembly polls, when Narendra Modi was in West Midnapore district’s BNR Ground for his campaign.


Here is the full video

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