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When Cricket ‘God’ Himself Tells You to Wear Helmet

‘Always wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeler’, you must have heard this many time by your parents or by traffic police officers or by public awareness commercials. But What if someday Sachin Tendulkar himself tells you to wear a helmet? Will you be able to control your excitement the entire day? Will you be able to sleep properly due to your inner happiness?

But definitely from that day, you will never forget to wear a helmet. Two young boys of Mumbai had a wonderful day today. Sachin Tendulkar while stopping at a traffic signal saw two boys without helmet driving a scooter. He rolled down his window and advice those boys to wear a helmet. The boys were shocked at first and in the next moment they take out their phone and start clicking pictures. This fateful day will be remembered by them always.

Look at the video and see how an ordinary day of two boys became memorable.

By – Parul Kulshrestha

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