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What a Joke! Pakistan hoaxes our Gulab Jamun as their National Sweet

What a Joke! Pakistan hoax our Gulab Jamun as their National Sweet.

Jalebi, gulab jamun and barfi. If you’re wondering, those are the names of some of the sweets available in all over the world. But, why are they relevant? So let’s play a game Do you know what Pakistan’s national sweet is? If you don’t, this is your moment of enlightenment.

So here the government of Pakistan decided to ask citizens on Twitter, which among the above would they choose as the national sweet of the country.Yes … Jalebi and Barfi were also involved in this race with Gulab Jamun in Pakistan, but the popularity of Gulab Jamun made it a national sweet of Pakistan.

Recently this information was given by the Pakistani government through its Twitter account. According to sources, the Pakistan government had decided to ask citizens through their Twitter that who among them will choose who as the national sweet of the country? After this Gulab Jamun got the highest vote and he became the winner.

Let us tell you Jalebi is in second place in this competition. About 15,000 people voted for Jalebi. According to sources, Gulab Jamun got 47%, Jalebi got 34% and Barfi got 19% votes. After getting the highest vote, Gulab Jamun has been declared as ‘Kaumi Dessai’.

 Gulab Jamun is also popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. However, many people in Pakistan expressed resentment over the ‘one-sided’ national sweet pole and said that voting was full of ‘unfair’ and ‘rigging’. Their reason for disagreement was that the government posted the poll only on its official Twitter handle. Many people said that Jalebi and Barfi cannot compete with Gulab Jamun, because the Pakistan government’s Twitter account has around 5 million follower, while the population there is about 197 million.

However, users have made a variety of comments on twitter. Someone said that anyone who finds anything as if he was a national sweet, would have eaten a pearl and said, sir! So someone said that most people in Pakistan like Jalebi.

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