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Weird trends: Vagina nail art is now officially a weird trend lately

If you are a fan of nail art then you must have dabbled in all sorts of unique trends, without giving much thought to how insane some of them look. But, would you be okay flaunting your nails embellished with vagina art? Confused? Well, it’s a new manicure trend with little vulvas painted on your precious nails and it’s taking Instagram by storm.

According to a report published in Cosmopolitan, vagina nails are the latest nail art trend popping up on Instagram feeds and the artwork seriously couldn’t be more impressive. The nail designs range from abstract to pop art to more graphic depictions of vulvas, with each and every design incredibly detailed.

Though, the trend harps on the concept of vagina power and feminism–we feel it really fails to make a point. For starters-painting vulvas on your nails by no means represents women power and it clearly misses a very important point. You see, there are a lot of people in this world who identify themselves with the female sex but are not born with a vagina.

Moreover, it looks plain weird. And here’s proof:

Seriously, what’s up with all these designs? And who would want pictures of their genitals painted on their nails? Wanna try something innovative? Just go with intricate pattern details or abstract art. But, no vaginas please.

Seriously, it’s high time we stop glorying insane beauty trends in the name of art. It just looks weird. Don’t you think?

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