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We bet you probably didn’t know about this little ‘secret’ of coin!

We have been using a coin in our day-to-day life, from buying that addictive pulse candy to that natkhat, or when you buy that ‘paani ki theeli’ when you get thirsty in search of that matching bellies to wear with your kurta. Coins have been our knight in every small situation you lend into.

Another fascinating fact about coins is that they make around 2 percent of our Indian economy. And yet, these knights go un-noticed and not much attention is given. Today, we will tell you a mind-blowing fact that you would have noticed before.

The coins in our country are manufactured in 4 main cities. They are Kolkata, Noida, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

You can actually tell which coin is manufactured in which city just by looking at the coin. No, we are not kidding, there’s a ‘secret’ marking which is cleverly hidden while making them. And we have successfully deciphered it, and we will also tell you about it.


There are 4 kinds of marking. They are:
A Diamond
A blank
A dot and
A star

These 4 markings are known as ‘’mint marking’’. Each marking has a special meaning encoded with it. These markings are located just below the year in which the coin was manufactured. These markings indicate the city in which it was manufactured. To ease out the confusion, this picture will help you.

Capture (1)

As you now know the ‘secret’ behind that little knight of yours, go ahead and flaunt your knowledge to the world

By: Ananya Pandit.

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