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No Fear No Favour

Watch: This is how SpaceX celebrates their failures in an explosion filled video.

Elon Musk’s spaceflight startup SpaceX is a big player in the space launch business, having accomplished a number impressive feats over the years. It’s helped ship supplies to the International Space Station, successfully landed a number of reusable rockets, and made the entire process so much cheaper. But all of that progress comes at a cost.

SpaceX has also, obviously, had a number of failures and pitfalls along the way. So instead of downplaying them, Musk has decided to instead put them all up for display in a super-cut of disasters for his pet project.

It’s impressive to watch SpaceX fail so many ways in the montage, you really have to admire the perseverance of the scientists and engineers at work. From radar glitches, to engine sensor failures, and even simply running out of fuel, SpaceX has managed to mess up on a number of accounts over the years of testing. And that’s what eventually let them successfully land reusable rockets, once the problems were fixed of course.

Enjoy the video, it’s a true joy to watch explosive fireballs set to marching band tunes, even as a sarcastic commentary scrolls along the bottom, explaining each failure along the way.

Of course, now SpaceX stands on the precipice of what could either be an incredible achievement, or an unmitigated disaster; manned spaceflight. The company has already shown off its spacesuits for the mission, as well as concept designs for crew capsules. Now let’s just hope they can get their show on the road with perfect execution.

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