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Watch: This Pakistani man’s response to racial slurs by English woman is spot on.

As much as we proclaim ourselves to be a progressive and open-minded lot, there are social evils like racism and xenophobia that are deeply rooted in our society. Recently, a Snapchat story which was extremely racist in nature garnered a lot of flak from people across countries on social media. The Snapchat user recorded a Sikh man on a plane — starting from when he boarded to even times when he was sleeping — and hurled racial abuses and distasteful remarks at him, because of his appearance. Now, it is a video of a woman hurling abuses at a ‘Pakistani’ man that is going viral on the Internet.

Throughout the video, uploaded on the Facebook page Karachi Walay, the woman sitting on a subway beside the man apparently from Pakistan is seen visibly agitated by him. The small clip of about one minute shows the woman abusing him. This is followed by his response — the man begins to sing a song, annoying the woman even more. While the clip provides no background as to why the woman was agitated with him in the first place, his response to the woman’s offensive slurs resulted in laughs by others. At one point, he seems to actually respond to her by probably sloganeering in support of Pakistan, to which she says “Yeah Pakistani f**king losers!” Soon after, he says “Pakistani zindabad!”, Amidst laughs from other passengers, which evidently instigates the woman more.

The video was shared on the Facebook page with the caption “Pakistani guy give a hilarious reply to the racist woman in a local UK train.” Watch the video here.

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