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Watch out for your undies: Wimbledon forces players to wear undergarments of its choice

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Video Courtsey: BBC

We all have been in a situation where a certain dress code is to be followed, shirts, trousers, shoes; ties are the first things that get noticed. But what if someone really goes down your pants and orders you to wear a certain colour of undergarments? Confused? Wimbledon is going through the same.

In the match that played between the boys’ doubles tournament, Zsomba Piros and Wu Yibing, both 17, had the audacity to do the unthinkable and turned up to the event wearing the wrong colour underwear.

The duo entered match court in black underwear, which wasn’t visible over the all-white outfit, but could apparently be seen slightly through their shorts.

So, after seeing the teenage boys going off the tracks of discipline, Wimbledon plays the role of the Father and orders the teenagers to change their underwear and instead of putting on some fresh, clean, white garments provided by the All England Club.

The pair were told to leave the court by the umpire and came back on with their new, white undergarments and were allowed to play on.
After chucking their black pants into their racquet bags, the pair got back on with the job and secured a 6-4, 6-1 victory.

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