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Watch: How This ‘Om’ Mantra Helped This Dad To Put Her Crying Baby To Sound Sleep.

Pacifying a baby is the hardest thing to do. People had tried many different things to calm down their little buddy but fail miserably.  Your toddler would sleep the longest of the hours and wake up just when you wanted them to be asleep desperately. What if we were to tell you that there is a super efficient way to get your child to stop crying?

A Facebook user Daniel Eisenman shares a video of how he managed to pacify his daughter with one simple trick- by chanting ‘Om’. Yes! You read that right. He not only calm down her daughter but also managed to made her asleep just by chanting ‘Om’.

 The video went viral and now has over 35 million views. Facebook users can’t help but wonder how this infant just magically stopped crying. “Kid was a Buddhist monk in a past life,” wrote one Facebook user. Another, gave a more scientific reasoning, saying, “My paediatrician told me that humming noises, such as a vacuum, imitate the mothers pulsing heartbeat when in utero, therefore babies love it.” (sic)

Watch the video here:

Check out this quick clip from my live Facebook video earlier to learn #HowToStopACryingBaby 😂🤣🤗👼😍🙏🏻#OMBaby #DanielEisenman #BreakingNormal #TheFreedomCatalyst

Posted by Daniel Eisenman: The Freedom Catalyst on Friday, 21 April 2017


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