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Watch: How Elephant Stopped The Truck And Munches Potatoes

When an elephant wants potatoes, not even gunshots can stop it, never mind angry shouts. In a recent incident (video above) an elephant strayed onto the road in Garhbeta forest area in the West Midnapore district of West Bengal and halted a truck laden with potatoes.

It then slowly inserted its trunk into the truck’s storage area, even as a couple of shots were fired to scare it away. Unperturbed, the jumbo extracted a small load of potatoes and proceeded to consume them.

Elephants straying onto roads and even urban residential areas is not an uncommon occurrence in light of human encroachment on forest areas and dwindling food reserves for the Tuskers. In 2015, an elephant got separated from its herd and ended up in Guwahati, Assam, much to the curiosity of the urban settlers.

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