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War of words gets dirtier

Twitter witnessed a pungent warfare on Monday. The lexis war exploded between Bihar deputy Chief Minister, Sushil Kumar Modi and his predecessor and RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav.
The war sparked off following Sushil Modi’s tweet alleging former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav of being involved in the land scam.

Mr Sushil claims the former CM’s son for spending crores on Vastu causing loss to the exchequer.

The series of tweets read:

The opposition leader busted out replying the Deputy CM’s comment as an abuse to people of Bihar on Chhath and it shows his disrespect for the festival.

Tejashwi further, accelerated the argument saying people of Bihar will not tolerate such insult and the Bihar Deputy Chief Minister should be ashamed of himself.

Twitterrati later, observed Tejashwi trying to provoke the latter in the “blame-game,” but Mr Sushil, taking a swift move ended up the spat greeting everyone in twitter for Chhath festive.

This twitter war is escalating day-by-day and rival leaders are stooping so low that they end up exposing themselves on the public platform like never before. But one thing is clear that this war of words is not going to stop anytime soon which has potential to make Bihar politics murkier and uglier.

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