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Valentine’s Day 2017: How to make it special on a Budget.

A popular saying is It’s not the money that counts, but the feelings that matter, which is true of course but when it comes to Valentines Day it always cost little more to our pocket. In the pressure to give a perfect gift for him or her, we often spend more money and end up drilling a huge hole in our pocket, don’t we?

We actually forget that remnant of our happy moments are never on the price tag but it’s actually the sentiments attached to it. Money does buy everything but not love. So, why spend some hefty money on special presents for your loved ones? Being romantic can also be quite emotional too, all you need to do is think hard and come up with a creative idea and later put some effort to make it true as well.

If you’re one of those lovers who ends up losing a huge chunk of their money to prove your love to your partner in every Valentine’s day, fret not! We are here to help you out, all you have to do is to scroll down and read about the coolest and cheapest and creative ideas to make sure your Valentines Day will be a happy and memorable moment for you.

Here’s the list that sums up all you need:


Not everyone likes flower, but you know what everyone likes sweet treats, chocolate bars, cake and handmade cookies can light up everyone’s day. If you know how to cook bake some cookies for your loved one. Hey, you can even gift a handmade cake, cookies and tarts box.


What is the one thing that creates a stir between you and your partner? what is the one thing that he/she wants you to do but you are too lazy to get it done? Well, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for you to put a checklist on your unfinished pile of work. Do the things that will make her/him so happy and get it done like he/she always wants you to do it. Even if you are single, you should do it for your family or Friend, it’s a day to celebrate Love after all.

Sweet Message In A Bottle gift.

The best thing to gift someone is your emotions, so write your whole emotion, your feelings in a note and give it your lover. Valentines Day is a perfect occasion to spill all your secrets, so get down on your knees and say it out loud or if you are a shy person, just jot it down and give out your hand-written letter to him or her. If you are in a relationship, it’s better to write one for her as well. Valentines Day is the perfect day to shoo away all the bitter moments and say/write it all. cork your letter down in a bottle and decorate it with colourful stars, red bow and some sparkles as well.


Go out and have fun with your partner, who says you always have to go for lavish restaurants. Just plan a picnic in a park. Play badminton with him/her, if you are a man, just go with your girlfriend to her favourite Chaat shop, she’ll surely be super happy. Spend some quality time with him/her in this Valentines Day.


In a box, put a different type of products, which your partner likes. For ex. if he/she is an avid reader buy one of his/her favourite books, the chocolate or sweet he/she like, his/her favourite movie, one greeting card and put all these things in a small box, it will surely make him/her happy. Also, decorate the box with some sparkles and gift wrap it as well.


Use some pictures of you two together and write about the precious moment you spent together in a journal or diary. Gift it and see the new joyful, loving moment forming in front of your eyes.


Time is money. Take this advice seriously and give your partner your time instead of money. You both have goals to meet, and just for one day forget about your goals and dreams and enjoy the particular moment with each other. Devout this day to celebrate togetherness, relax at home in each other arms and take a trip down to your memory lane and remember all the good and bad moments you two spends together. Go to your terrace for stargazing, have tea there (Or Red Wine, if you and your partner drinks).

So here are some of our ideas about Valentine’s day, tell us about your ideas in the comment section below.

BY: Saket Sharma

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