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Valentines day effects :Paytm is selling Condoms for 1 rupee only.

Not only Tuesday is Valentines Day but it’s also is National Condoms day, Why? well, you probably know it. E-commerce website Paytm is celebrating Valentine’s day and Condoms Day together by selling out cheap (1 rupee to be precise) contraceptives in India. The offer starts at 1 pm at the noon and will end at 5 pm. So better buy it now, before it’s too late.

According to the 2017 millennial sex survey, Valentines Day is just behind birthdays as the most popular occasion to have sex with their partner. So if you need to save some money and get (Safely) busy during Valentine’s Day, you may want to grab some cheap condoms soon, because you probably doesn’t want to celebrate Children’s Day with your own CHILD, right?

Times Now reported that the sale of condoms increases just double on Valentine’s Day. While the residential areas register a constant sale, areas housing young professionals and students see a rise in the percentage,” informs Vijay Chengedia, a medical shop owner. He adds that areas near colleges and IT companies also see a marked increase in condom sale.

It is estimated that around 55 crores, condoms used every year worldwide, and you may find it surprising that women are responsible for 40% of condoms overall sales. And, the best part is Condoms don’t take the fun out of sex.

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