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UP’s population bill receives support on social media.

Uttar Pradesh came out of all barriers with a bill draft that is POPULATION BILL which is generally to promote 2-child policy. Control over population is indeed required for a country like India, the law further ads “Anyone violating two child policy in Uttar Pradesh will be debarred from contesting local body’s election.” People who out rule this law will also see consequences such as, no promotion in government jobs, and will be prohibited from receiving any kind of government subsidies.

This bill was under provision of Uttar Pradesh State law commission which says “The state is working on control, stabilization and welfare of the population of state.

The draft is been prepared ready to undergo discussion. Public suggestions are invited to improve draft and cope up with consecutive ideology of public. These suggestions are welcomed till 19th July, further which it will go for lokpal judgment.

There has been number of initiatives taken by government to promote their bill stating – “Public servants who adopt 2 child norm, will get two additional increment during their entire service”

Statement like these are in themselves capable of gathering support but to ensure their interaction it is added along with many such as

“Maternity as far as the case may be, paternity leave will be provided up to 12 months with full pay.”

The budget for these will be constituted by a state population fund. It includes several government duties such as establishment of maternity centre at primary health care. Spread awareness about family planning. Community health workers will be appointed creating job opportunity to ensure mandatory registration of pregnancies, deliveries and birth control.

NGO’S are asked to support by distributing different contraception pill, condoms, etc.

Introduction of compulsory subject related to population control in all secondary school is all taken care of.

Draft bill further reads,

“In Uttar Pradesh, there are the limited ecological and economic resources at hand. It is necessary and urgent that the provision of basic necessities of human life including affordable food, safe drinking water, decent housing, access to quality education, economic/livelihood opportunities, power/electricity for domestic consumption, and a secure living is accessible to all citizens.”

It is hence necessary to control, stabilise the population of the state for promotion of sustainable development with equitable distribution.

Necessity to ensure birth spacing through measures related to argumentation, availability, accessibility and affordability of quality reproductive health service to achieve the goal of population control, stabilization and its welfare in the state

This bill has already gain huge amount of support through social media platforms.

Check out few of these!!

Do you think this bill should be made into a law for all Indians or just Assam and Uttar Pradesh stays under it? Share you view in the comment box to contribute excellence.

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