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UP Police, 1090 taking on Phone Romeos have got Publicity across the World

It has become a joyous moment for Navneit Sekera who is uUP police officer and founder 1090 women helpline when New York Times had published the article on the duties performed by the helpline for women.

How hard do they take on the roadside Romeo’s! in an telephonic conversation with Navneit Sekera ,  “there are few guidelines which the helpline follows among which are the two most important ones, firstly the name of the complainant is not disclosed, secondly, the female members of the society can complain their harassment issues on call there is no need to come to the police station.

The identity of the complainant is valued and not disclosed as it could further be a problem to the woman”, he said.  He is proud of his team who has worked day and night and brought the helpline to the level where the most elite newspaper internationally had done a cover story on it.

Navneit even added that “it is a boost up to the team to work even harder and make it a global affair, publicizing is not the main motive to promote women security is what we are dealing in here with”. Women security has been an issue from era’s we know, no or little actions have been taken on their security, no political party could have the security they promised.

Alas, a police officer could work on it and brought a revolutionary change in the mindsets of the women around the state. Uttar Pradesh was never safe for a girl to travel alone but after the 1090 initiative women come out to bold and much stronger than the thought of. “ Jis din larkian khulke bina dar sadak par challenge us din aega badlav” said Navneit Sekera. Is UP really changing or is it just a beginning for a light to shine brightly in the sky? The answer is the international coverage of the 1090 helpline.  Navneit  sekhera is also coming up with a NGO for women ‘shakti pari’ , which will connect to all rural, semi-urban and urban areas. We hope it really flourishes wide!

Starting up such a task was a tough to go with as well with time women understood that it is for their own safety. earlier there was not so much crime when they initiated the programme around 1500 cases annually but now as women have started to speak up the number of reported cases have become 1000 to 1500 per month and 1000 cases registered,” there is a difference in calls and cases registered” said he, he also added that “which is quite an improvement on the fact that women are growing over their fear to speak”. We had really a proud time talking to him as he surely is very well aware of the program he has been running, he is proud of the women across the state that they have started speaking for their rights and what is wrong.

“We keep a constant touch with the schools rural or urban, we are regular on sending wishes and greeting to the schools on new years and festivals”, said Navneit Sekera.

We are hoping for more rise of the initiative and that the dream which had dreamt of cleans up from crime will surely be successful. And that the police will retain its dignity back in the eyes of the society.

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