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UP bride found something bizarre in groom and decides to call of the wedding

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July 9, 2022 (New Delhi): As we all know that, the wedding season is swinging across the country and several incidents of brides standing their ground and refusing to get married for all sorts of reasons has been surfaced all over the internet. So, we can say that an Indian wedding is no less than a movie plot as it all the worthy elements of drama, suspense, and tragedy.In a bizarre turn of events during a wedding in Uttar Pradesh, a bride after taking two pheras at the wedding refused to marry saying that the groom is ‘very black’.

Picture Credit: Internet

According to reports, the incident took place in Thursday in Bharthana, Etawah when the bride Neeta Yadav was about to marry Ravi Yadav. After taking two rounds, Neetu suddenly announced that she has decide to call of this wedding ceremony. The bride said that the groom shown to her earlier was not the one she was marrying. She also said that his complexion is too dark for her liking.

Picture Credit: Internet

The bride left the mandap and did not return even after persuasion by her family members. Efforts to convince the bride continued for more than six hours after which the groom and the procession agreed to go back without getting married. The groom’s father has now lodged a complaint with the police that the jewelery worth lakhs of rupees gifted to the bride was not returned to him. The groom said, “The girl and her family had come to meet me many times and I don’t know why they suddenly changed their mind. This incident traumatized me.”

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