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United Nations picked this Indian beer brand and ‘Beer of the Month,’ Cheers!

We don’t many premium beer brands, which is where Bira 91 stands out. United Nations has decided to solve the world’s diplomatic problem by giving everyone a Bira91, yes we are not joking.

UN has named Bira 91 as ‘Beer of the Month’, so for the whole month, delegates from the entire world in North Delegates Lounge will be sipping our cold crafty beer, while discussing some important issues like global hunger, empowerment, and poverty. Who knows maybe they even watch football matches with a Bira 91 in hand?

Bira’s CEO Ankur Jain will participate in the testing session said to media house Outlook India that “The United Nations Delegates Lounge is a fantastic space for delegates and other global leaders to share their ideas and come up with solutions to make the world a better place. Now they can do so while enjoying a cold Bira.”

Isn’t it kind of fascinating to think that UN officials will have the same beer that we will have on our Saturday nights? Tell us your thoughts about this news in the comment section below also if you have some cool bira story to share tell us.

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