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Union Minister Doesn’t Want Transgender Women To Wear Sari, Because They Are Human

You know you are in India when you are being told how to dress and how not to. I guess it’s much of the confirmation you are in India. Adding to the list of the same is the name of Union Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment Ramdas Athawale, who is founder-leader of the Amberkarite Republican Party of India in Maharashtra, who had also reminded us that we’re here.

At a workshop for the sensitization of transgender people and other stakeholders, he asked the members of the community not to wear saris because- it’s obvious – they are not women. “They aren’t men, they aren’t women, but they are human. How can they wear a sari when they are not women?”

He further went on to explain his stand by saying:

“Some kinnar (transgenders) should wear men’s clothing as well. I am not forcing them, I just conveyed my feeling that all of them should not wear sarees… But if they want to wear sarees, they have the freedom. There is no problem,” quotes a PTI report.

Transgender Bill:

Athawale, at the event, also confirmed that the Centre would make efforts to pass the Transgender Bill soon. The Bill aims to empower the community by providing them with a separate identity.

Sometime around the saree comment, Athawale said that since men and women have theirs’, transgenders should have their rights too.

“A bill had also come in 2016. It has been sent to the standing committee. Very soon, the government of India will pass that bill to give you your rights,” said the minister

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