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Unbelievable ! This Man shifted a constructed house from Kerala to Gurgaon

Everyone has a dream to buy a beautiful bungalow in their favourite place, but only few people are lucky to find the exact location of their dream.

But here is a story of a 59 year old Delhi based architect  which will amuse you, he fall in love  with a   300-year-old Meda simply by looking at a few photographs, which was located in Kerala.

When he stood in  stood in front of the tharavad (ancestral house) at Mepral village in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district in 2010, he knew he had made the right decision.

“It was fabulous,” he recounts. “The setting was fantastic. It was right next to a river. The top part had been built so beautifully, and the entire house has been superbly crafted. It is a very traditional Kerala architecture of the past. It has been made entirely of timber and no nails were used. They don’t build like that in timber anymore,” the architect observes.

He also explained “I was very clear from day one that I didn’t want to buy the land. I only wanted to buy the house. I had heard of houses being moved. So, I met up with the traditional carpenters in the area and they agreed to do it,”

It took about a year to completely dismantle Meda from the scratch, transport it to the north Indian city nearly 2,600 km away and while the tharavad was rebuilt in its entirety in Gurugram, Pradeep did make some modifications to the original home. He says “The house has two floors and the ground floor was made in stone earlier. I replaced it with bricks. I also added toilets and electricity to the house.

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