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Ukraine warns of ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ as thousands of civilians remain under fire and shelling across country

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Ukraine Under Attack after 17 days of Russian Bombing and Shelling.

March 12, 2022(New Delhi): Russian invasion continues to haunt the civilians of Ukraine even after Seventeen days of war. Ukrainian officials have said that Kyiv is “ready to fight” as Russian forces renewed their bombardment on the capital and observers warned of “an unimaginable tragedy” unfolding after more than two weeks of war. Also Ukraine President Zelenskyy have earlier said that “Ukraine is ready to fight Russian troops”. Russia has bombed the city hospital near Mariupol area of Ukraine which lead to the death of two innocent children.

In Picture: Mariupol area of Ukraine heavily bombed by Russian Troops.

After death of civilians in Ukraine on Friday, at least two million people which is half the population of the metropolitan area, had left the capital, Vitali Klitschko, the Kyiv Mayor said on Friday. Also there were people who were preparing to stop Russian aggression. He also informed that, “Every street, every house is being fortified.” Even people who in their lives never intended to change their clothes, now they are in uniform with machine guns in their hands. Ukrainian soldiers described fierce fighting for control of the main highway leading into the capital, while missile strikes were reported hitting just outside Kyiv’s city limits on Friday.

In Picture: Ukraine people leaving their country with pets.

Amid Russian invasion and war, pictures of people leaving Ukraine with their beloved pets is making headlines on internet. Also Zelenskyy accused Russia of refusing to allow people out of Mariupol and said Ukraine would try again to deliver food and medicines there on Saturday. Ukraine has repeatedly raised concerns that Moscow’s ally Belarus, which has always served as a staging point for Russian forces, will soon have its troops drawn into the invasion. Ukraine’s state centre for strategic communications said Belarus might launch an invasion of Ukraine on Saturday.

In Picture: Ukraine Civilians leaving with their children.

Hundreds of civilians remain trapped and under fire in Ukrainian cities, but the situation in Mariupol is especially dire. Ten days into Russia’s siege, people of Mariupol has no access to electricity and water. They are deprived of basic human amenities. FYI, Russia faces an expanding net of sanctions from many European countries. Western governments have announced plans to impose punitive tariffs on Russian trade to further isolate Moscow from the global economy. Seventeen days of Russia-Ukraine war is all about loss of humanity with deaths of innocent children without reaching to any conclusion.

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