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Two men sexually abuse woman and brag they did it for amusement

Two men arrested by Uttar Pradesh police in connection with the gang rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl in Bulandshahr have confessed to their involvement in the crime.

Zulfikar Abbasi and Dilshad, both in their late twenties, confessed that on the day of the crime, they first watched a film and drank alcohol, after which they set out in a vehicle to kidnap a girl from the highway “for fun”.

“They (the accused) happened to spot the girl, who was returning home from tuition. They dragged her into their car on NH 91, just near the girl’s village of Chandpur. Then they gang-raped and strangled her to death.

Later that night, they dumped the body in a canal in Bil Akbarpur village in Greater Noida and fled,” said a police officer. Police said a third accused, identified as Israel, is absconding.

The girl was kidnapped on last Tuesday evening while she was returning from tuition classes to her home in Chandpur.

Despite the girl’s family alerting the cops who recovered her school bag and bicycle from the spot, they refused to file a complaint, claiming that it was a case of “love affair” and that the girl had eloped

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