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TV Actress Sangeeta Odwani shares her experience of casting couch

These days many actresses have disclosed the casting couch. Now the name of TV and film actress Sangeeta Odwani has also been included in this episode. She also revealed that she was a victim of the casting couch in her initial days in the industry. The actress, best known for her role in the TV show ‘Shubh Mangal Mein Dangal’, recently said in an interview that a powerful and popular producer asked her to meet him alone and when she went with a friend, he refused to meet her. Canceled.

Sangeeta told in a recent interview that the life of an actor is never easy. Especially when you are an outsider and people target you and try to influence you to sleep around them. I remember in my initial days a famous producer tried on me and asked to meet me privately. During that time my friend and actress Sonali Singh and I reached Mumbai, the city of dreams, together to pursue our dream of acting. We went together for an audition and later we were asked to meet the producer, so when I took him with me, the producer canceled the meeting saying that I had to come alone as they were going to launch me. So it should be a personal meeting.

Sangeeta said that she could guess that the producer’s intentions were not right, but she decided not to report it or take any action against him. She said that I could really doubt his intentions, but he was popular and very powerful, so instead of taking action against him, we went back and did not entertain him anymore.

The actress called it a heartbreaking incident. After this, she did not lose courage and she returned to search for work in the industry and achieved work on the basis of her skills. The actress said that her heart was broken because she was wondering if everything we hear that an actress needs to compromise to get a good break in showbiz, was true? But by the grace of God, I gave myself one more chance and proved that it was a myth. Actually, it depends on a person whether he wants to take some shortcut or keep trying with faith in his talent and destiny.

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