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To Celebrate Earth Hour By Switching Off Lights Worldwide: Ravi Singh Says ‘We Must Build A Sustainable Future For The Earth’

Image: The Indian Express

Earth Hour is to be celebrated on 31st March 2024, this environmental critique stands as a worldwide grassroots movement encouraging people to take up environmental issues and safeguard the environment. To ensure this cause, Earth Hour will be celebrated by switching off lights in Delhi’s touristy monuments.

Reason To Celebrate Earth Hour

The Earth Hour is the clinching occasion where the world turned its attention to the preservation of our environment. most beneficial matter to take the attention of the populace, and the majority is preserving the environment. Earth Hour is significant to promote awareness & action against climate change.

The entire event took place to observe Earth Day on 22 March, 2024Scheduled to be celebrated on Delhi’s tourist monuments like Fort, Red Fort, Rashtrapati Bhavan, India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutab Minar, Akshardham, Jantar Mantar, Kotla Feroz Shah, Safdarjung’s Tomb and Tughlakabad Fort. Apart from this, Earth Hour is also observed in corporate offices, commercial places, and residences by switching off lights. This effect is the sustainable celebration ordered by Ravi Singh, secretary-general and CEO of WWF, Worldwide Fund For Nature, India.

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This celebration must be followed for one hour at night from 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm. Additionally, he said, ‘All these years since 2007 we have been following Earth Hour by planting and watering the plants, or in some way, we were celebrating Earth Day with nature. Today, onwards globally we must celebrate Earth Day by consuming electricity and power’.

History & Theme of Earth Hour

The initiation of Earth Hour began in Sydney, on 31st March 2007. The theme of Earth Hour this year is The Earth Hour 2024 theme, “Uniting for Our One Shared Home,” which highlights how all people on the planet are interconnected and how we all have a shared responsibility to preserve the environment. This theme speaks to the pressing need for coexistence between nature and humans. Encouraging sustainable practices and fostering a global community that puts the health of the planet first in all decisions and actions are the main goals.

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Author: Baisakhi Dhar

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