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Tired Of Ab Exercises? Include This Exercise In Your Workout Regime To Reduce Abdominal fat.

Once a mainstay abdominal exercise, traditional crunches have fallen short of the more holistic and functionally beneficial exercise, the plank; in the eyes of fitness experts and physiologists in the recent past.

Stop doing relentless crunches and sit-ups as they are concentrated more to your abdominal fat but planks unleash its impact on your lower back and sides also.

According to research sit-ups are not the best exercise for losing abdominal fat. It suggests performing planks, instead of crunches; an exercise that involves holding yourself on your hands and your toes, similar to a pre-push-up position. The study is published in the detailed Harvard Medical School report called ‘Core Exercises’, according to Business Insider India.

Planks are more efficient in reducing extra fat around your belly and it also concentrates on the core muscles that you use all day. And on the opposite sit-ups and crunches can give you back injuries as you push your back against the against the floor.

Repetitive sit-ups put you in a compromised position, which strains your hip flexors in a manner that can yank your lower spine and cause discomfort and pain.

So stop doing the sit ups and replace it with planks today if you want to reveal your abs.


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