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No Fear No Favour

Tiktok Beauty hacks that actually work!

Byline By- Nitisha Nagpal

Trusting hacks on internet might be a little difficult as they sometimes don’t work as promised. We have a list of tried and tested hacks for you all.

Making your eyes pop!
Achieving bigger eyes with makeup is quite tricky. A simple trick is to apply shimmer eyeshadows in the inner corner and applying white Kajal instead of black as black tends to make eyes appear a little small.

De puff your face
Grab an ice cube and gently massage it on your face. If you don’t have a jade roller, this hack comes in handy.

Shining hair
Hack the perfect shine in your hair by using an argan oil based shampoo and conditioner and top it off by applying frizz erase of any brand. For more sleek look, straighten your hair after.

Some extra lid space
We all love a good lid space for better application of eye shadows. Start with brushing your eyebrows upwards and set it with a brow gel, apply concealer for more defined brow and add some highlighter in the corners.

Fake a spa blowout
Start with washing your hair and blow dry it a little. Section your hair and use Velcro rollers and let it do wonders for next 10-15 mins, apply hairspray and then carefully open them.

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