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“Those people don’t have any right to call themselves men” Says Virat Kohli on Bengaluru molestation case, watch video

Voices against horrific mass molestation on the new year’s eve in Bangalore is not going to fade out anytime soon, at least for now. After Akshay Kumar’s hard hitting video that he posted on his twitter account and hitting hard on the mute spectators, comes video of the Indian test cricket captain Virat Kohli, who is known for his expressive nature, posted 2 videos on his twitter account.

Virat Kohli lashed out on by-standers watching as the case un-folds. He questions what if, god forbid, the same thing happens with your family members. Will you watch it or would you help it? Watch the video here

If in case you have missed what Akshay Kumar’s take, watch it here

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